Take Everything

Picture your muse as a really hot girl. How do you keep her coming back for more?

To me, the simple answer is twofold:

1) Do and be your best.

2) Show appreciation and understanding.

Treat every idea you get graciously and with respect; as if each spark and flicker of inspiration (however dilute) were the seed of a masterpiece.

If you want someone to keep giving something to you, whether it’s love, attention or pocket money, you need to show that you appreciate it. Be thankful, even if it’s not what you may have wanted.

Take everything.

“Anything is better than nothing – don’t drink your own kool aid” – Gary Vaynerchuck

If you get and idea but can’t be bothered to use it, or discard the idea straight away because it’s not ‘good enough’ then you can do that every so often, but make it a habit and your antennae/your brain will eventually say:

“I’m doing all this hard work, bringing all these healthy ideas, and bozo down there does nothing with them – why should I bother?”

Your muse will become an unappreciated lover. It will stop putting the effort in, or move on to someone more deserving. No one likes to be part of a one-sided relationship working or otherwise.

Your mind will become lazy and you will receive fewer gifts and eventually have to work even harder for the ones you do get, if any.

The irony is, you may even think that you’re taking the easy way out, when you’re really only setting yourself up for harder work that won’t yield as much in the way of immediate results.


When you’re working as hard as your inspiration stream then it will keep coming. Jump on every little bite of the line whether it seems like a small fish or a whale.

As they say, from small seeds great oaks grow.

The next stage I suppose is to attempt one-upmanship. That’s what I’d really like to test out – the idea that if you work harder than your muse it will be made to feel like a slacker – and hopefully bring out it’s competitive side, ‘tricking’ my inspiration to get louder.

“Stick with me baby, stick with me anyhow
Things should start to get interestin’ right about now” – ‘Mississippi‘ by Bob Dylan


3 Responses to “Take Everything”

  1. I ^like^ this.

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  3. […] To think that playing live is about just getting enough practice in beforehand, and then playing your songs one after another until the time is up, is for lack of a better term ‘a mistake’. There is a whole range of opportunity being wasted, gifts being sent back. It is important to accept, and to take everything. […]

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