Creation Comes First

Does anyone notice how in the bible and in most creation other stories, creation came first and commerce came a long time after?

Do you not think that if God thinks it’s a good idea to do things that way, we should consider taking note?

Especially seeing as he’s still (just about) in the game after all this time.

“What really interests me is whether God had any choice in the creation of the world.” – Albert Einstein

It’s amazing how some people talk about writing a song and before they even have the tune, or a single lyric they are already talking about what they’re going to wear in the video, where on the album it’s going to go or whether they could get ‘X Famous Singer’ to do a version of it.

To me, it seems like that way is very cart-horse.

Besides, as a musician when it comes to the muse I can be pretty superstitious.

If you focus on the creativity part though and do justice to that, I truly believe the commerce side will be much easier – as an after thought.

And you’ll believe in your product because you’ll know it’s the best thing you could’ve done. That makes something a lot easier to sell.

It’s ok to guide or channel your creative flow into a specific direction, but if you’re only doing something because you think you’ll get paid for it I think you warp your natural urges into something else. You put a kink in the hose of your own creativity.

For me, if my primary reason for creation is anything other than a need to dig something up from myself, to perform catharsis, or a quest to find something out, then the result is usually mundane and uninspiring.

Craft and commerce definitely have their place and I’m highly interested in both, but without the other element you’re left with ‘a corpse without soul’ to quote Merciful Fate.

You can take this all with a pinch of salt given that I don’t make a living playing music and am hardly killing it commercially, but hey, do you think God saw any of the royalties from book sales?


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