What Will Other People Think?

It’s a question everyone asks themselves. But beyond a certain point, who cares?

I know, I know, as part of a society of communally living people, sharing certain space we have to be mindful of how others feel and their comfort levels etc.

Everyone, myself included has worries sometimes about doing things and wondering what reaction people will have to you.

‘What will people say if I write these words?’

‘I can’t say that on stage’

‘People will laugh at me or call me something derogatory if I wear that’

Fuck em. It doesn’t matter.

I’m going to wear leather trousers and be called a twat. I don’t care.

I’m going to be called pretentious for writing the lyrics I do. They ring true to me, so I don’t care.

People will tell me I’m a twat for starting a blog, and that I can’t write anyway. I don’t care.

I’m going to do these things for my own sense of curiosity, because instead of asking someone what it’s like to do something, instead of wondering what it feels like, I’m just going to do it and know for myself.

Who wants a second-hand existence?

The thing is, everyone else is so busy being self-conscious, worrying what other people are thinking about them that the things you worry most about other people commenting on actually go unnoticed. No one cares what you’re doing really.

The only things that really matter are:

  • Will I be proud of myself when this is done?
  • Will I learn from this, whatever happens?
  • Is this the best use of my time, energy, resources?
  • Will my family and those I love be able to be proud of me?

Everything else is just static.

“Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one, and most of them stink.”

The point is that your creative fulfillment and happiness is of far greater importance than what anybody might say about it.

So have fun.


3 Responses to “What Will Other People Think?”

  1. Really like this. I’ve found value in understanding that fear of criticism, fear of being judged etc…is one of my biggest creative blocks. It’s the underlying source of a lot of my personal procrastination and perfectionism…so now I make a conscious decision to create regardless, to put something out there and give form to the creative urge. The simple act of ‘just do it’ has had a profound impact on my output (in both volume and quality!).

    i’ve found this book really inspiring lately: ‘Shadow Hunting’ Geoff Thompson

    Same guy in this awesome clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlEiqqJyt1Q


  2. Thanks Steve.

    Yeah, I agree with you completely. I used to care about that sort of thing too until I realised that experience itself is the best feedback there is. But I also wasted a lot of time before I got there.

    Thanks for the recommendations – I love being turned onto new things.

    I liked the bit in the clip where he says “They’re either prolific, or they’re dead.”

    That and the bit about “…wanking off in the toilet on my self-pity” 😀


  3. […] It’s about indulging your child and ignoring any part of you that says ‘you’re too old for that’, ‘that’s silly’, or ‘what will other people think?’ […]

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