The Artist’s Way

I’m always interested in new ways of looking at and refining creativity and challenging myself. Somehow or other along my adventures I heard about a book by Julia Cameron called ‘The Artist’s Way’ which intrigued me. It is supposed to help you clear out all of the things you have that you hold in your own way of creating, all the useless inner chattering and help you open up to new levels of creativity and clarity as well as general well-being.


Of course it intrigued me and I decided I wanted to find out for myself if any of it works.


Well in an exact case of the kind of synchronicity they describe in the book, I was at my friend Anna’s place and she had it on the shelf. I asked her about it and she suggested I borrow it as it had just been lying there. So I did.


That was last week. I’m just reporting in that I read the introduction on Friday and was debating when would be a good time to start doing the 12-week course prescribed in the book. I realised that procrastination was pointless and that there is never a convenient time for anything in life. If I didn’t start straight away I’d only be holding myself back. In fact, now was the best time of all to start because I’ve just finished a month-long intensive recording schedule with David ‘The Producer’ Ezra, so I’m relatively free.


Well, Monday was the day I officially started my course, which means I’m due to finish the process on Sunday 30th October. I’ve been doing the things prescribed in the book since then, doing morning pages each day, and working through each week’s tasks.


It’s going good and I feel good about it, but it has only been 3 days now, so there’s not really anything to write home about. I’m going to write a brief weekly report about it here, so if you’re curious about the book and/or my progress with it – stay tuned.


I’m actually off right now to go check out Anna’s band Shotgun Venus. They’re great – check em out. 


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