The Artist’s Way: Week 1

Should’ve posted this on Sunday night or Monday given that I’m now on my third day of week 2, but better late than never.

Days I did my morning pages: 7/7

Artist Date: Yes – I was going to go and see Mark Kozelek play on Thursday, but I brought a friend with me so that didn’t count. Instead I gave myself an hour of upright bass lessons via youtube. Like they say, you don’t need money to spend time indulging your inner artist.

Doing the pages was and has been very useful. My way of doing them is as soon as I wake up. I don’t get out of bed until I’ve done three pages. This is really interesting to me because I start writing while my mind is still waking up and thus go a little slower than I might otherwise.

I haven’t been doing stream of consciousness in the strictest sort of way, just writing about the thoughts occupying my mind as they come and putting them on the page as they are. I never think beyond the sentence I’m writing and the thought I am thinking then. It is a good exercise for staying present with your thoughts, a kind of meditation almost.

The effect this has been having on me is interesting. Once I’ve done my pages I can get up out of bed and wash, brush my teeth etc, but now when I do these things, all that is in my mind is the task in hand. I don’t have any swirling thoughts running background noise in my head – it’s a clear breeze. There is nothing going on except for whatever it is I am doing, and the world feels calm and quiet.

Like I mentioned in the previous entry, I’m still full of the optimism, determination and sense of purpose that starting a course of action brings. I’m curious to see how long that lasts for and if or how that changes.

I haven’t been doing the affirmations every day, simply because I haven’t remembered to do them. I have done them a couple of times as well as some others specific to me.

One interesting effect that I think is to do with the course even if it might not be the only cause; on Thursday, the whole day I was experiencing everything and acting in a hyper-sensitive, child-like state. I completely lost any sense of cool or composure, and was either very withdrawn and inactive, or manic, super-smiley, and enthusiastic about everything, and motor-mouthing beyond the speed-limit. Felt weird, but kinda cool too.

I was just thinking about how much detail I should go into about the things I have been working through because there is a degree of privacy needed for this sort of course to work – I can’t just blurt out all my personal issues in the middle of working on them and expect any good to come of them. I’ll see how the course goes and perhaps at the end I can go into more specifics about them.

All in all, I’m enjoying the course, and the effects it is having. I even got some actual songwriting done this week, which is the whole point of it.


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