The Artist’s Way: Week 2

Days I did my morning pages: 7/7


Artist Date: Yes, but I’m not saying what it was – it’s personal. But it was good, helpful, and filled up the well a little bit.



One of the things I have noticed since I started the course, and talking about it with other people, is that I keep finding out people I know who have either done the course or are fascinated by it. It has been interesting talking to people about this. They either say that the period they were doing the course was a very productive and creative time for them, or that rather than create, it forced them to deal with a lot of inner issues.


Either way, it seems everyone who has done it or dipped into it has taken something positive from it.


One of the things I need to sort out is making sure I get enough sleep. I’ve been working part-time and almost full-time for the last couple of weeks and although I’ve been getting up early for that, and earlier so that I can do my pages, I have not been going to bed any earlier most nights. Apart from not being sustainable, I’m breaking one of the points of my agreement I signed at the start of the course about taking care of myself which includes getting enough sleep. Up til the first half of this week I’ve not been doing well on the sleep front. Burning the candle at both ends, and taking a blow-torch to the middle…


On Thursday I tried two new things; I woke up later than intended, and simply did not have time to do morning pages at the more leisurely pace I have been thus far. I realised it was time to try pure stream of consciousness and to see just how fast I could get though the 3 pages. I think this is a step forward in some way as the effect was that pretty much the same sort of things came out, but faster, and with the odd random brain-flash in there for texture. Only my writing was less legible, but so what?

I will definitely be doing more of that. Still took me the better part of 25 mins from start to finish. I’m going to race myself and see how fast I can do the pages – just to keep it interesting.


Also later on that day, when reading through the basic principles and specifically about God creating through me as an artist I had a reactionary train of thought. I’d always imagined my muse as a group of lesser angels – grumpy and moody like me, a little reluctant that they got lumped with me – why couldn’t they have been assigned to one of the big boys? My tongue is not far from my cheek here, but this idea filled me with grit and determination to always prove them wrong. The spirit of ‘fuck you’ has guided me to many places. Even so, I realised that no matter how detached, devolved, demoted or delegated I may think my muse might be, it still comes from God as the source. And both realising and accepting this, I feel closer to it. No matter how close I might be to god, I’m ready for an upgrade. These angels of mine better earn their wings where I’m going. I’m ready, and I’m moving up the food chain.


I have had interesting changes of consciousness. It’s only been a week since last Sunday but it feels a lot longer than that. With the morning pages I find that towards the end of the second page I have cleared out any thoughts that were just blocking me, and by the third page I start surprising myself with realisations and clarity of thought regarding things that had remained mysterious up until then.

I am becoming more positive, convinced of the righteousness of the creative path and closer to something divine almost. It’s as if music is my religion, and I’m becoming much more religious.


I like it.


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