The Artist’s Way: Week 3

Days I did my morning pages: 7/7


Artist Date: Yes. I went to my Aunt’s house to play their piano for a couple of hours. I’ve only got a busted old electric one which is no fun to play. I killed two birds with one stone because the piano playing was something on my list of things to do from last week that I didn’t get round to doing. It was good to make the time to sit down properly instead of stealing a few minutes here and there to twinkle away on the pieces that are already part of my repertoire. I would love to start taking lessons again.

Overall this week has been really good and quite busy. A little intense at times too. It’s funny sitting here and going over it: I played an open mic and gave one song a live debut, finished (I think) a song which has been evading me for a loooong time, spent a day in the studio mixing my songs (not quite right yet – everything is in it’s place and audible, but some of the power that the rough mixes had has been lost. Restoration time is on Wednesday).

I’d been listening to the rough mixes of the songs I’ve recorded and this week, for the first time really, I stared feeling really good about them. I had a sense of achievement about them, feeling that I’d worked really hard on them and that I had at least done them justice. It’s a great feeling.

On top of that I went all the way to Aylesbury last Monday for an audition with a band looking for a bass player and had a great time playing with really good musicians. I love solid drummers, they put a smile in my bones. I’m heading back there tonight actually seeing as they asked me back and seemed to like me. It’s a very small world – I got asked to try out because the guitarist knows my little sister somehow through a work placement, and it turns out the woman who runs the studio is an old friend of my mate’s dad who is also a producer.

Which brings me onto the next thing: Synchronicity.

They always go on about it in the book, and I’ve always had some sort of sense of it. It directly relates to my philosophy about buying instruments.

But this week alone I’ve had a few funny examples of synchronicity which make me think that this phenomenon is always happening but we either don’t always notice, or we tend to ignore it.

This week:

I was thinking about looking for more sessioning work now that I’ve finished recording my own tracks for the moment. My mate Steve told me that his flat mate (now ex-flatmate) was a producer who was looking for a guitarist to work with on recordings. I got the guy’s number and got in touch and we’ve agreed to talk further when he’s back in London.

I was thinking about generally being broke and how even when working it takes a while between every pay package, too long sometimes. – I found out I had been given a premium bond by my uncle when I was 13 that was just sitting there doing nothing interest-wise and so once cashed in I’ll have a spare few quid in my pocket. Much needed and very welcome thank you.

I thought it was really cold out last night when I was out and was thinking about how I should start getting ready for winter by buying some new warm clothes so that I don’t freeze my ass off.

This morning my mum asks me if I need anything from M&S because she’s got loads of points on her card from buying things there over the last few years, and would I like to use any of them.

That has been a cool development and I’m looking forward to much more of it in the near future.

The artist pages have been great. They say if you’re doing them then they are working for you. I just need to get up earlier or do them quicker and stop being late for work.

One thing I haven’t been doing so well with is the artists dates. I’ve been doing them, ok, but I don’t feel like I’ve been REALLY treating my inner artist, spoiling him the way the book seems to suggest. It’s not just a money thing because I have plenty of ideas that I could be doing that don’t cost any money. I’m not tight with money, but I am with time it seems.

I’m really glad I gave myself the time to just sit and play piano. I’m going to be doing a lot more of that sort of thing from now on.


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