End of Attempt 1

Well, for anyone who has shown interest in this little experiment of mine, you might have noticed that it has been a while since I posted up about my songwriting challenge.


Basically, I failed. Sorta


But that’s good – I can, and have learned from it.

 “I’ve failed over and over and that is why I succeed” – Michael Jordan


There were several problems about this challenge, including:

  • – My personal and work life had been neglected so I had no balance in my life, which seems to have some degree of importance in long-term artistic health. As you would expect.
  • – Writing about writing is something that I have decided I need to curtail somewhat, and to dial back. Especially because at times it has seemed like I had spent as much or more time writing blog posts as I did on the actual songwriting, which was neither my original aim, nor of much use or interest to me. I will start another challenge at some point and instead of posting a long bit of writing, I will simply have my goals as writing and demoing the song so as to upload it and display it.


How many songs I’ve written in that time? Irrelevant. Enough. Not enough.

“How much do you have to do to satisfy people who don’t care anyway?” Saul Leiter

I’ll go into this all in greater depth some other time perhaps. For now there are other things to think and talk about. I am also going to splitting blogging duties between this blog and this one.


One interesting side effect of this was getting very fed up and bored with my ways of writing songs, and as a consequences I started writing a lot more ‘poems’ and prose, which has been a welcome and interesting development for me at least. I’ve been posting them up as audio and have been attended poetry nights with some loose regularity over the past year.


At the moment it’s back to music. I’ve finished an EP with my project Black Hay, and am preparing for some more recording for an album, as well as a number of other interesting projects.


Hello again




One Response to “End of Attempt 1”

  1. john villars Says:

    Just had a listen to Remorse. Cool, very very cool. Hope you’re well?


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