About Gideon K

photo by Pia Anttila

photo by Pia Anttila

I am an unsigned musician and writer living in London, trying to find a healthy balance between dreams and sanity. I write songs, sing, play guitar, bass, keys, and anything else I can get my hands on.

We’re living in an age where everyone thinks they’re a genius, an expert, and that they know how to do other people’s jobs better than those other people do.

My intention is therefore to chronicle what I’m learning and doing as I blunder along on my own little path and hopefully share something of use. I started this blog with the idea of wanting to talk about creativity in practical terms and not only something that is mystical that we have no control over. I wanted to look at our attitudes and mindsets and how they affect output.

It is hopefully a means of sharing ideas about songwriting, and creativity in general. So don’t be shy about leaving comments.

You can hear stuff of mine or stuff I’m involved in somehow at www.gideonk.com and www.blackhay.com

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to “About Gideon K”

  1. Hannah Ehrlich Says:

    I met u at the poetry cafe’s open mic night recently. It’s good to see your blog page and things that you have written about yourself and your musical influences.

  2. Itay Kashti Says:

    Hi Gideon, We met at Elisa / Yusufina’s party, we played “Just like Honey” if you remember :). I’m doing a little get together at my roof terrace next week, wanna come and play a few songs? email me, bluebird@sidefields.com

  3. Hannah – thanks. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading any of it.

    Itay – How could I forget? That was a good day. I’ve mailed you. Hope to make it.

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