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The Sound of Modern Music

Posted in Inspiration with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on June 28, 2011 by Gideon K

Do you get fed up of hearing people say things like; “There’s no good music being made anymore.”?

I read something by a songwriter who was of the opinion that if you’re one of these people who thinks that music is over, or that there was some golden era that has been and things aren’t as good as they were then, you’re just living in a time-warp, stuck in the past, and your songwriting, art etc will reflect this.

If you have your blinkers on your style of writing will be dated, and not in a timeless way.

This idea both intrigues me, and resonates as having a lot of truth to it. you don’t hear anyone who makes their living as a musician today saying that ‘there’s nothing good anymore’.

It’s both defeatist and lazy.

Many people gravitate to music of certain eras, each formed usually by their own preferences and based around what hit them during their formative musical years, usually sometime between their early teens and up to their mid-20s – as this is when you are exposed to things for the first time, with fresh ears.

For example someone growing up in the 60s and never listening to music that was made after 1979.

As someone who views the past, present and future as one inseparable whole, I’ve never really bought into this idea that there has ever been, or will be a golden age of anything.

The point of this preamble is that in terms of view of craft, business, and competition, I think it is important to stay abreast of anything that’s going on. As a matter of military preparation, I need to know what’s going on.

It’s no good to say “everything sucks nowadays. No good music is being made…” unless you’ve gone out of your way to research and hunt down every possible musical avenue available and found nothing at all that you like.


I’m reaching out and asking for musical recommendations from the last decade or so.

  • Which bands have drawn a line in the sand between them and the past to any notable degree?
  • Which bands have done something that seems new?
  • Who has marked a turning point in modern song construction/production?
  • What are the greatest songs of the last decade by new acts?
  • What are the greatest albums of the last decade by new acts?
  • Is there anyone who has made some leap forward with music?
  • Who has really dug deep and found something dark and magical and unexpected?

For the sake of keeping on point I’m mostly interested in bands who are ‘new’ in the sense that they haven’t had anything released prior to the late 90s, but I’m always interested in musical recommendations generally.

I’ve been doing research of my own, and checking out bands that are really big but who I haven’t really listened to etc

There’s a beautiful saying:

“Every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of him.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even for bands I don’t like, I’d like to know what people think is special and noteworthy about them.

So what do I need to hear?