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Do You Remember the First Time?

Posted in Songwriting with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 28, 2011 by Gideon K

Do you remember writing your first song you felt happy with?

I must’ve been a late starter. My first fully formed song that I was comfortable enough to play only came when I was 17.

It was a lazily hot afternoon. I was supposed to be in my room studying for my school end of year exams, but my guitar was standing against the wall leering seductively at me. My cheap, sticker covered, black and white Encore strat copy, making silent promises…

My first serious girlfriend

Happily and naively I picked it up, plugging into the amp and instinctively started playing these two chords – clean first, and then I kicked on the distortion and the hairs all over my teenage head stood up.

I started singing a melody on top, and words came out. I just kept playing and then before I knew it I had me a song. Magic.

I call music the bittersweet curse. When you write something and you’re all alone and you go “Ahh!” Just know that the second that feeling is over, you’re doomed to face it again and do it again. It’s never over. That’s why I love it, because it’s so mean to me.” – Josh Homme

I’d been coming up with riffs, chord sequences and ideas before this, and taping them on a little cassette player. Likewise with lyrics, scribbling down bits of lines, phrases and some awful early attempts at songs and poems.

This time however, it all came together. I don’t know why. All I know is that everything felt different.

You know that bit in Inception, where the girl has gone into the dream world for the first time? One of them says she’ll come back – because reality just won’t be enough anymore.

I felt alive in a way I never had before. Every time I’m writing and I feel like I’ve finished something, it’s a similar feeling, but never the same – a blessing and a curse.

Needless to say my school revision for the rest of the day went out the window…

So what’s the story of your first “Aah!” moment?


Long live Jerry Sadowitz

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I went to see Jerry Sadowitz do a show at the Leicester Square Theatre the other night.

I don’t really keep up to date with the world of stand up comedy, only go to shows infrequently, but it has become a yearly ritual of my brother and I to see Jerry. We’ve been to see him play in London for the past 5-6 years I think.

What is it I love about this guy?

He’s so offensive an all fronts, such a full-on assault – that no one is safe. The only true equality – he’s not racist or sexist, he hates everyone equally. Nothing is sacred.

He’s fast, brutal and unrelenting, he goes through about twice as much material as other comedians. (That’s one of his jokes/rants).

All this and he is still kicking it, despite being banned from most of the larger venues and TV channels in the UK.

It’s not just that I think he’s the most hardcore guy in stand-up and has been for a long time, I come away feeling cleansed almost, refreshed. That nice rollercoaster feeling of having all your hairs stand on end.

I get off on proximity to that kind of flamethrower approach to art and performance that he has. I need to be near it every so often, like a reminder almost.

It gives me a sense of hope about humanity to know that people can BE as extreme and full-throttle as that and still survive in this world, without becoming bland or losing colour.

I have a theory about that kind of comedy too.

That assault on everything considered taboo and un-PC. It’s necessary to destroy it all. I hate political correctness; it’s a gross assault on our freedom of speech, thought and expression, and by liars and cowards.

The need to plough through and destroy that, to me, comes from a deep sense of disgust at the way the world in general handles the every day madness and brutality of our species and lives, that it’s not just the way these things take place, it’s the way that they are talked about by people, in the news. That kind of layer of deceit, the casual lies – just as offensive and deadly.

So this kind of scorched earth approach act is an attempt to level the field back to zero, to gain some realistic perspective. Outright rage is the only reasonable answer to it.

Just my theory.

I doubt Jerry would agree, but who cares?

Long live Jerry Sadowitz