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The Artist’s Way: Week 7

Posted in Creativity, The Artist's Way with tags , , , , , , , , , , on September 25, 2011 by Gideon K

Days I did my morning pages: 6/7

Today is the only day I didn’t do the pages on time. It was sunday, and sunday comes after saturday night…

I got round to sitting down and doing them around 5 or 6pm, completed them, and got something out of them, but the effect is never really the same as doing them first thing in the morning when you’re fresh.

This week’s check-in asks “Have you allowed yourself to daydream a few creative risks?” The answer is yes, definitely.

As I mentioned last time I’d had the idea of using my morning pages to write songs in. This is a great idea even if I say so myself, and I only received the idea through my aerial, I can’t take credit for it.

I’ll be spending a huge amount of time over the next few weeks, months etc and with any craft the hours you clock up take you to that place where extraordinary things happen – a place of mastery.

The only problem is that I’ve had it the wrong way round. I’ve been doing the pages first and trying to somehow write songs within the context and rules of that, which is wrong and doesn’t do anything good. The real approach is to write songs, and try and fit the goals of my morning pages into that context somehow. The emphasis then is the songs.

It reminds me of a story I read from Osho about two Monks talking about the idea of smoking and meditating at the same time. They both asked the Abbot and only one of them was allowed to smoke. It turned out they’d asked different questions.

Monk 1: Can I smoke while meditating?

Abbot: (Very Angrily) Never!

Monk 2: Can I meditate while smoking?

Abbot: That’s a great idea. Why waste time? While you are smoking, if you can meditate too that’s a great idea. Do it!

It’s been interesting, just brainstorming lyrical themes and ideas and peeling off lines, some good, some god-awful, but I think it’s important to write a lot of crap sometimes and clear your system out so that the good stuff can come out unhindered, and unsoiled.

Artist Date:

This week I had the special priviledge of a bass lesson with a hugely talented and skilled Jazz bassist Mick Coady. I wanted to be shown good technique, posture and such for playing the upright bass so that I didn’t start out with bad habits. It was a brilliant and hugely helpful experience for me. I love swimming in those waters that are unfamiliar enough to let me know I’m learning and seeing something new, but aren’t so deep or turbulent that I’m completely lost in them. Plus, my artist feels fulfilled and rewarded. I’ve now got lots of work to do on this instrument, but I know what I’m doing with it.

Other than that it’s been a relatively slow week artistry-wise. I’ve been more sociable recently though which has been much needed and rewarding.

Earlier in the book they mentioned the idea of luxury and how the feeling of it was quite easily achievable and in no way reliant on money. You just think of things that give you a sense of luxury

I happen to drink a lot of herbal tea. Red bush tea, a fair amount of green tea but only when caffeine is advantageous and not obstructive. I went this week and bought a whole bunch of different teas – Chai, decent Green Tea, Lemon and Ginger. This is part of the idea of spoiling yourself and giving yourself a feeling of luxury, and how inexpensive it is. I mean I bought loads of different teabags for about a fiver altogether. I drink a lot of tea and having lots of choice gives me a feeling of luxury, it’s SO easy to do but we often overlook these things and are needlessly stingy with ourselves. I’m gonna go to china town or to a Japanese place and get some REAL green tea soon.

I decided on something else regarding this way of thinking. I’m always snooping around charity shops for stuff – instruments, vinyl, books, but I’ve hardly bought that much in the way of clothes from them over the years mostly because it’s usually filled with stuff too shit for grandad to wear anymore.

I’ve used being broke over the past year as an excuse to deny myself any sort of luxury in the clothes department. Part of this has been necessary as a means of keeping a fixed parameter whilst trying to monitor other personal changes, but in a lot of ways it does not do one’s sense of well-being much good.

Coupled with the recent clearing out of a lot of stuff I own, getting rid of pretty much any clothing I have that I don’t love to some degree, has left my wardrobe a lot more empty. I’m never going to go through the feeling of wearing something that makes me feel shit in it ever again if I can help it.

Long-story-short: I picked up a jumper/cardigan for a couple of quid the other week, and I love it. I really enjoy wearing it, and so if I can get such a beneficial feeling out of just wearing a simple cardigan, why should I deny myself such a low-cost and easily achievable buzz? I’ve made a kind of pact with myself now, once a week or fortnight, I will buy one piece of clothing, even a belt, or a hat or something, which I REALLY like. Something cool and individualistic and ‘ME’. Or at least I’m going to keep an eye out for that something.

I still haven’t splurged on an electric piano. I don’t know why I haven’t just jumped in and bought one. I know which model I’m going to get and everything, it’s just silly. I can’t go anywhere near one without playing my relatively limited repetoire on it or figuring out new things on it all the time – I’m obsessed. Synchronicity seems to come in here too because I keep finding myself in situations where there is a piano to hand. So that is on the to-do list.

Other than that, everything is going ok. I’ve started making moves towards putting a band together, and to getting a few things moving regarding my future plans but currently they are top secret. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.