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Film Soundtrack: The Watcher

Posted in Creativity, Film Music with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on December 6, 2015 by Gideon K

The idea for this film was to create a tense, action/thriller vibe. Although most chase scenes in action films are cliched to say the least, I had to find some way to approach the idea of a kinetic nature of an action sequence in a way that would be interesting to me.

Even though at least 80% of the sounds were computer generated, I like to try and add some ‘organic’ elements into the music to give it another dimension, hence the shaker, bongos, vibraphone etc. Plus I like the juxtaposition. You never want a piece of work to be 100% one thing otherwise it can get stale quickly.

I’m quite happy with how the music came out in the end, especially as I was making it all on a 7-year-old laptop with a cheapo 2-input Alesis soundcard. This was the last score I did before I upgraded my gear. In a perverse sort of way I kind of miss the simplicity of that old setup. Less options = more committing to decisions. (Although just this week I had to use the old system to open an old project, and I’m glad I’ve moved on.)

It’s kind of funny to admit this now, but I am willing to do so because I have very much learned my lesson:

The reason I ended up writing a piece of music that lasted the duration of the entire film was that;

a) The copy of the film file I was sent to work on had no foley or audio track, so I simply assumed I was scoring a silent movie and that the music had to do all the work, and

b) because there was no dialogue in the film it never occurred to me at that point that it might be effective to have some parts without music.

I’m laughing as I type this because of how dumb that sounds.

Honestly, I do sort of know what I’m doing.

PS I would have added a video link of the actual film, but it is not online yet/not released to the public.